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Blue Eyeliner from VIVA

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Since blue is the new black, and a lot of magazine ( Harper's bazaar , Vogue, Gogirl! ect )show that a lot of models in runaway wearing blue eyeliner, now  I'm going to tell you about my only one blue eyeliner.


After searching which Indonesian brand that have blue eyeliner in a low price, I decide to buy a blue eyeliner from viva. Yes I prefer to buy a cheap product, because I'm still learn how to put those kind of make up in my face. Not many Indonesian product that have various colors of eyeliner, usually they only have black, brown sometimes white.

This product cost only 13k ( US $ 1,5 ), its worthed because this produce have good pigmentation, the pencil is soft so we can easily apply it on our eyelid. The color is so bright and strong, real blue.
This blue eyeliner can stay in my eyes around 8 hours. I apply it in 2 pm and I just arrive home at 10.30 pm, the eyeliner still look good in my eye without any smudge, even I don't re-apply it or touch up my make up.

This pencil is easily broken when I sharpen it. But I can solve this problem by put this pencil eyeliner in the refrigerator some hour before I sharpen it .

3x swatch --- 1x swatch

At 2 pm

At 2 pm

At 10.30 PM without re-apply or touch up

  • Cheap 13k or US $ 1,5
  • Good pigmentation
  • Long lasting, up to 8 hours 
  • Dosent smudge
  • Have a real blue color, it was jolly gorgeous

  • Easily broken when I sharpen it
  • Hard to find, not every shop have this blue eyeliner

So, what is your favorite colors of eyeliner ? Please tell me by comment in this comment box

Lokasi: Surakarta, Indonesia

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  1. birunya cantik banget kak :)) kepengeeen
    udah di follow ya~

    mampir ya kak

  2. hai Annisa!
    iya bagus dan ga smudge kok, patut di coba, harganya jg masih masuk akal.

    Thanks ya ud di follow, nanti kalo ol lewat leptop ak follback darl ^^

  3. This is such a pretty shade of blue on you :) Sounds like it's really long-lasting as well!

  4. Yes, it was great color, great price, and also long lasting.

    Thankiss sleepandwater for visiting my blog.

  5. huwa ! thanks for the review. aku jadi kepengen beli eyelinernya ini. murah banget yah produk viva tapi lumayan worth it :D

    BlushOff [Beauty Blog]

  6. welcome Marsha, untuk ukuran harga "segitu" eyeliner ini ngga mengecewakan kok, apalagi jarang kan indonesian cosmetic brand punya eyeliner warna biru dengan harga murah.

  7. patut dicoba nih *brb masukin ke wish list*