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PIXY Colors of Delight NAIL ENAMEL Br 02

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One of my friends said that " I wear the nail polish to hide how grubby my nails are". But for me using nail polish is the simplest way to make me feel more beautiful instantly 

So, this is the review of  PIXY Colors of Delight NAIL ENAMEL Br 02

I bought this nail polish several years ago around 13 k ( US $ 1,5 ), I love this natural colors and the yummy price.
Texture is not too thick and not too watery, very fitting. The results are also make me satisfy, for the staying power without base and top coat it can stay about 7 days. I do a lot of housework like washing dishes, sweep the floor, washing my on cloth and also ironing it. Maybe if you don't do that kind a housework it's gonna stay longer in your nail. 

See the differences ? I don't give nail polish in my middle finger

with flash

without flash

  • Very natural color
  • Good texture
  • Good staying power
  • Easy to use



So what is your nail color today ? Let me know by comment in this comment box
Lokasi: Surakarta, Indonesia

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