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Super cheap Nail polis / Nail enamel review

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Holaaaa beauty
I'm so surprise with the nail enamel that I bought last week. Instead of you need to open my older post, here the complete review after I use it for 10 days.

The brand is Ingrid, it was exported from China. It only cost Rp 3150,- / US $ 0,3. It has a fabulous baby pink color.It was surprise me because it can stay for 10 days, better than my Pixy Nail Enamel (clik here to see the review) with only 1/3 price from pixy. I use it without base and top coat. I do a lot of housework, washing dishes, sweep the floor, washing my on cloth and also ironing etc etc. It also comes in various colors. Soo what are you waiting for, grab it fast.
I really recommended this nail enamel 

1st day

1st day

after 10 days ( can you see my nail is grow up? )

after 10 days

  • CHEEP. It only cost Rp 3150,- / US $ 0,3
  • Comes various color
  •  Amazing staying power, 10 day/more without base and top coat
Lokasi: Surakarta, Indonesia

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